Posted by on March 10, 2021

In The I Ching the hexagram that represents the topic of clutter is viewed as a bowl of food that has gone rotten (Ku-Decay). Although it’s an image we’d rather not evoke in our mind it’s an important teaching. Clutter in our physical space is a type of rottenness keeping us stuck in old ways and patterns that usually produce the same result. The heaviness of clutter puts a barrier in our path that often times keeps us from moving forward towards our higher ideals.

Most importantly, removing broken items from the home serves as the biggest feng shui adjustment to addressing clutter. When we keep things in the home and in our spheres that aren’t functioning we’re sending a signal to the universe that our lives are also not in good working order. Broken items create a dip in our energy field and can lower our immune system as well.

Letting go of items that no longer serve you provides new space in your life for new opportunities to come to you and your family. As we go through these final days of winter look around at what you can let go of to usher winter out and make room for the spaciousness in your mind, heart and home! To schedule a feng shui consultation virtually email us at

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