Posted by on February 24, 2021

In The I Ching, the double trigram of Thunder describes how at first there is shock and fear after one experiences the rumbling of thunder. When it passes however the person is renewed and stronger. This is an example of sometimes we need to be shaken out of our routine (especially if its become stagnant) and that sound can provide us with this.
Since sound is a sense that we cannot escape it is a critical one to be attentive of it in order to create a harmonious sound environment where we live and work. One way is to listen to what sounds you are hearing while at home and which ones are helping your vibrational frequency and which ones are harming it. Stagnation in the home tends to gather in corners. Simply clapping in this area can help break up it up to be dispersed. A good habit to get into is turning off any electrical equipment (tv, computers, stereos) while not in use to lower the EMF (electro magnetic frequency). This can help your personal frequency to take a break from receiving these which over time can leave us feeling depleted and anxious.
Sound frequencies travel throughout the house and adding a pleasing wind chime at the window to sound can help spread good energy. Using a chime or bell behind a door will allow others in the house to know when someone is coming or going which can give us a feeling of ease and safety. It also serves as a representation for each person having a voice (the sound of it chiming when they go through the door) in the home and that each person is heard figuratively and literally. Stay tuned for more tips of how to create optimal sounds in the home!

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