Posted by on March 14, 2023

As we approach this powerful shift from winter to spring it’s a perfect time to tune into stillness. Like seeds we plant in the soil, our thoughts are being deposited into our mind and manifesting in the body and soul mind. We get to act like the rabbit now on his perch sitting still deciding when to make its next move forward in its joyous existence on the living planet.

My most recent video on the I Ching divination cards I choose is about gradual progress, number 53 hexagram Chien. We know that when we plant seeds in the ground and in our mind it’s a practice in patience for allowing our intentions to be germinated and begin to spring up!

I invite you to tune into what most you want to cultivate in your life this spring and this year during the magical time of the equinox. Allow your soul intention to come to the surface like a special family heirloom that is unveiled in front of a captivated crowd seeking greater happiness and purpose.

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