Happy Summer Everyone! Most of us in The US are dealing with hot weather and dangerous temperatures for some areas. This brings to mind a part of our home that also puts out a lot of heat. That is our stove & grill 🙂 Many of us may be avoiding cooking all together and instead preparing cooling foods that fit with the season. Or, for those of you who have a grill it's a whole other kind of summer fun! Either way, we still want to pay attention to this very important part of the home which is linked to our abundance! One way is by keeping the stove & grill clean and free of clutter. This allows financial abundance to flow into our lives easier without obstacles getting in the way. A good habit to get into daily is to turn on the stove top even if it's just for hot water. By practicing this you can also connect to the fire element and how fire creates alchemy and joy in our lives!

Speaking of joy I am delighted to announce the launching of a digital product just created called, "Getting Yourself in Command, Change Your Life!" How can you feel better working from home? | Work From Home Feng Shui (wfhfengshui.com) It is available NOW and I am so happy to share this with those who may struggle with working from home. If you know someone who may benefit from this I would love for you to pass it along!