Posted by on February 16, 2022

The skeletal system has been such a blessed part of my life since becoming a certified foot reflexologist. As I hold the clients’ feet, the solid structure of the bones guides me. Giving foot reflexology sessions to clients allows me to interact with the stability of the bones, showing me their strength.

The I Ching card pulled for this week is P’i meaning standstill. When something is standing still it has a grace. It’s like a pose in nature allowing us to see all of its divinity. We just left the metal Ox in Chinese astrology, a statuesque magnificent animal. I see it as animal that stands still in such a beautiful way teaching us the benefit of standing still.

On this full moon we get to bask in its glory as we standstill. In this we pull our five fingers together and gather our power. Like a tiger getting ready to pounce, we decide where to transform our worry into action in 22′. One way we do this is by creating and being in our passion. If you are interested in scheduling a feng shui consultation, please reach out to us at

Happy Water Tiger Year 2022!

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