Posted by on November 12, 2020

Greetings Everyone! As we approached the Thanksgiving Holiday our minds turn to food and its wonderful deliciousness. In feng shui engaging the sense of smell can have transformative effects in our environment whether it be food or other aromatics. Since how we gather has changed drastically these last months we most likely will be altering our usual way of celebrating.

Whether you will be cooking or not you can keep the spirits festive by igniting scents that bring comfort, warmth and joy to your space.

What good smells come to mind when you think of celebrating Thanksgiving? Stuffing with sage and thyme and apple pie with cinnamon are a few for me! But did you know that scents like sage can help us bring in more clarity, thyme for strength and cinnamon for abundance?!

If we ponder how smell can help clear stagnant spaces, usher in new energy, help us focus better and sleep more soundly we are in for a cornucopia of goodness! Treat yourself and your home to essential oils of tea tree, orange, rosemary and chamomile. Start with a spray bottle filled with water. Add tea tree oil for clearing stagnant spaces. The same thing can be done with water and orange oil for fostering in new energy. Rosemary oil can be diffused in a aromatherapy diffuser for focus while seated at your work from home space. And finally, for bed, a drop of chamomile on your wrists and rubbing them together can aid in more restful sleep.

The olfactory nerve travels more quickly to the brain than the other sensory nerves. As they say “the nose knows!”. Feel free to share with us at how these tips have helped you or tips of your own.

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