Posted by on January 13, 2021

Happy 2021 Everyone! We’ll begin this year with some words on the dining room. From a physiological standpoint we know that in order to help our digestion it is preferable to be in a peaceful setting. When we are eating we not only are consuming the food but also what is going on around us (electronics, clutter, noise etc). The concept of a formal dining room is ideally how to eat, slowly and with little distraction except the conversation with our fellow diners. This is an example of yin energy. Ideally the lighting can be dimmed and the colors in the room are warm. However, this practice is mainly seen as a special occasion since most of the time eating is done in the kitchen or casual dining area (which are yang areas of the house). What to try to avoid is using the dining room area as a study or for other purposes. When we use rooms for other purposes than what they were intended for it makes for confusing energy which eventually affects our well being. Since having guests over for special dinners is on hold for the most part due to the pandemic, then see if you can make a point to come together with those in your household at least weekly for a relaxed meal in the dining room. This is a fundamental principle in feng shui- cultivating energy together.

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