Posted by on February 8, 2021

Outside nature is showing us how the element of water is in full swing this season of winter. When we see the naked trees, snow falling and gray skies it reminds us of how we’re in a time of going inward and its encouraging us to do the same! One of the characteristics of water is intuition and wisdom which corresponds with natures sense of quiet in winter.

While we’re inside our homes we can augment the element of water to help us feel nested and nurtured by it. What are ways to show this flowing energy? Curtains that billow and gather are one example of expressing water element qualities. Curves and wavy lines represent water energy along with the colors blue and black. Art with water images, fountains, fish tanks are another option. When we bring in these representations of water we invite in the benefits of it to our lives. If water element properties are lacking where we live and work we may feel our creativity is at a standstill and that deeper issues in our lives are needing attention. Contact us for information on a virtual consultation of your home at

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