Posted by on January 31, 2023

Happy Lunar New Year! We have entered into the Yin Water Rabbit for 2023! What a gift to learn from this animal about when to be still and when to jump into action.

We know as we fall into routines, we can tend to get stuck in them. This can leave us feeling stagnant and unfulfilled. The bringing of a New Year gives us hope for change, new possibilities and how to create more joy in our lives.

The cunning rabbit who runs zig zag to prevent being caught from its many predators has much to teach. How can we learn this skill from our friend Rabbit? One way is to leave our routines and dare to make space for new shifts in the new year energy!

As we are in the middle of winter where nature is inward and still, we can call upon our intuition to guide us to the expression of our soul essence. Where in your home do you like to spend time to feel nurtured and supported to tune into your intuition? For help on augmenting your intuition and balancing the energy in your dwelling reach out to us at for a free discovery call. Megan E Burke | New York City, NY | Feng Shui consultant –

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