Posted by on October 20, 2020

Fall Greetings Everyone ! As the temperatures begin to cool down in The Northern Hemisphere our minds turn to how we can make ourselves feel cozy and comforted when at home. How can we prepare our beds for this fall season through the vein of feng shui? Let’s explore some ideas.

As the leaves change color and fall we are reminded of what things in our surroundings we no longer need. Perhaps some of these things are lurking under the bed. Ideally we want empty space under the bed. Using this area for storage can affect our sleep habits in negative ways. If possible try to only put extra linen under the bed if anything. Since our bed is a reflection of our health its important to keep it in a healthy flow without clutter.

We also want to look at what is at the foot of our bed. This area represents our path in life. If it is blocked with storage furniture or other items it can literally “get in the way”. A cozy blanket made of natural material draped at the end of the bed can be a nice way to ground the bed energy and ourselves as well while spending time in the bedroom.

Perhaps you’ve already heard how making our bed first thing in the morning is a good routine to get in..Yes, it’s true! It gets our mind to feel a reward for having started the day completing a task that then sets the tone for our day. While doing this it can be a good time to also feel gratitude for how your bed nourishes you, keeps you warm and helps prepare you for your day by providing good rest. As you tuck in the sheets and fluff up the pillows imagine you’re a token spokesperson for how to make a bed with care. This will help keep you on your toes on how to pay attention to detail and feel proud if your made bed were to be featured on a blog, maybe this one!

We’ll go into more detail on beds and feng shui tips for them in future blogs. For now, try these tips and feel free to let us know some feedback from your findings :)!