Posted by on November 30, 2020

A lake cannot hold the water of an ocean. So too, we learn that there are limits to what we can receive and contain. When we find the right balance between release and accumulation we’re able to express our individual talents better. This takes us to the topic of the entrance way in our homes. We want to be able to welcome new energy into our homes but also see there is a limit to what the entrance can contain. Many times this is where shoes, outerwear and items waiting to be discarded sit. When obstacles are the first thing we encounter when we enter it can lead to feelings of still waters that turn into a swam.! Ideally, make space in the entrance way so the fresh energy coming in can be held and received easily. Try seeing your doorway to your home as a portal for new blessings to come to you via opportunities, connections and relationships. Being fully present to receive these is the desired focus of the entrance way rather than obstacles to them. How do you feel about your entrance of your home? Feel free to send a picture of it to It may be featured on a future blog and you can receive valuable tips for it as well!

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