Balancing the Five Elements
The Chinese arts can be seen like an umbrella of modalities striving to maintain states of balance. Feng shui is one of these modalities. Others include acupuncture, qi gong and Chinese astrology. All life is derived from the 5 elements. These are water, wood, fire, earth and metal.
Yin and Yang/ The Tao
About Megan

Megan received her training at the Black Tantric Buddhism school of feng shui in NYC at The Open Center. She graduated in 2015 and is a certified practitioner of BTB feng shui. She is a specialist of hand gestures (called mudras meaning yoga of the hands in Sanskrit) as a form of healing which came out of her work as a foot reflexologist. Come see Megan talk about feng shui and chinese astrology at various venues in NYC and beyond.

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